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Stamping technology for electrical contacts

In our stamping workshop, we carry out the series production of complex precision stamped parts. We manufacture products using only the high-precision stamping machines from the company Bruderer. With a press force of up to 510 kN and an installation space of up to 1250 mm in length, stamped parts with band thicknesses of 0.1 mm to 1.5 mm and bandwidths of up to 100 mm are manufactured. With more than 20 years of experience, SBS is a specialist in stamp-rolled annular contacts.

We deliver our contacts with press fit zones, loose, in a comb structure as well as on a band.
The products are delivered in bulk or as reel packaging, including electroplated surfaces according to the call-off plan or as an individual order.

SBS Stamping technology

We are your specialist for stamp-rolled annular contacts

by switching from turned parts to stamped parts as well as by using a selective coating, up to 80% of costs can be saved,

we achieve a high level of precision similar to comparable turned parts,

attachment to the band means that you achieve automated loading and therefore a high degree of automation,

technically better surfaces can be achieved by using selective electroplating,

we achieve an initial spray pressure of up to 1000 bar, depending on the application, with the inner sealing flap,

dthe contacts can be combined with various connections, such as crimp, soldering, and IDC terminals etc.

for M8 / M12 and other round connectors

for multi-pole connectors

smallest diameter of 0.5 mm with press fit zone

Pins, spring contacts

Used in, for example, the solar industry and electromobility

e.g. as plastic mouldings

Research project for contacting coated conducting paths

SBS Stamping technology

Lead frame:

With flat or partially bent electroplating cycle, with electroplating cycle and second bending process, as reel packaging or as directed parts

Spring contacts:

Available in a wide variety of designs such as annular contacts, flat connectors and in custom designs

SBS Stamping technology
SBS Stamping technology

Blade contacts:

Straight or bent, on a reel or loose as bulk goods

Crimp contacts:

Crimp connections combined with stamp-rolled round contacts, blade contacts, spring contacts and special contacts

SBS Stamping technology
SBS Stamping technology

Precision stamped parts:

For connector locks, grounding brackets, catch mechanisms and other specific customer requirements

Specific contacts

From miniature designs measuring < 1 mm to heavy custom contacts > 100 mm

SBS Stamping technology